At Mijuri, our mission is simple: “fine jewelry for my damn self”, no occasion required. Feeling disconnected from the traditional industry narrative, CEO Noura Sakkijha leveraged her learnings as a third-generation jeweler to rethink the way we purchase jewelry—for ourselves. From that founding moment, we’ve been putting a modern spin on an old industry through high-quality craftsmanship, timeless design, meaningful stories and an authentic sense of community.

Life at Mijuri

We believe change is the only constant. Our curiosity sparks our endless desire for learning. Together, we’re powering a vision of global expansion through a hybrid work model and in-house teams across multiple countries.


Golden Together

While Mijuri was built with the lens of diversity, equality, inclusion and sustainability, we continue working towards a better future for our communities, our supply chain, our teams and the world at large. We continue to reach new customers through international expansion—shipping worldwide and operating on the ground in the UK, Australia, Germany, the US and Canada.

Collaboration Sparks Innovation

Above all, we’re a team. We trust, respect and care for one by challenging directly—and doing it with kindness. We work collaboratively and cross-functionally to make decisions based on what is best for everyone. Because the impact we have is always greater when we work together.

Embracing All Perspectives

We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and equity. This work starts internally with our employees and extends externally to our community. We provide everyone with internal and external resources, from empathy and anti-racism training to the implementation of definitive anti-bias hiring policies to ensure we are progressing in areas of equity and inclusion.

Mijuri ID, our inclusion and diversity committee, connects D&I initiatives and activities to our broader business strategy and culture. A commitment to anti-racism, equity and belonging for everyone continues to be our priority.

“Since starting in 2019, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills and build a team as part of Mijuri’s in-house creative agency.”



Our Offices

Mijuri was founded in Toronto and we continue to make the city home to our corporate headquarters. As we have grown, we’ve expanded internationally with our New York office and employees in the UK and Argentina. All of our corporate offices are flexible workspaces and we maintain a digital-first culture.

Our Stores

Like everything we do, our retail experience is different. Our thoughtfully designed and curated stores bring the brand to life by allowing us to build relationships and connect directly with our customers across the globe. Join us in building a meaningful and exciting career through our continued and rapid retail expansion.

Our Fulfillment Center

At the heart of our operations, the Fulfillment Centre (FC) plays a critical role in delivering the Mijuri promise to our community. Their significant contribution to the overall customer experience ensures products are packed with care and promptly distributed. Health and safety are our top priority, and our facilities and operations are designed with this in mind. Join us on the frontline of the Mijuri customer experience.

How We Support You


We offer parental leave salary top up of up to 80%, as well as a personalized return-to-work transition and accommodation plan for all parents.


We offer competitive medical and dental benefits, including mental health coverage, wellness weeks and generous personal and sick days. We also offer bereavement support, including miscarriage and stillbirth support.


We offer competitive, market-based salaries, including a minimum of three weeks paid vacation and a hybrid work model for all corporate roles. And last but not least, you’ll get a generous product discount.


We are committed to internal mobility organization wide, with 17% hired internally in 2021 alone. We have an internal coaching department and offer learning and development to support career paths and plans for everyone.